Biomass Design Services

Here at Heating Design Solutions (HDS) we provide complete design services for biomass design services.

Biomass Design Services

Here at Heating Design Solutions (HDS) we provide complete design services for biomass design services. Our team have completed the design services for a large number of installations for both residential and commercial projects in relation to biomass boilers.

Biomass encompasses a variety of materials that includes wood, agricultural residues and both human and animal waste. These materials can be used for heating buildings and to a lesser extent for producing power or a combination of heat and power.

With biomass systems there needs to be more operator interaction than with other forms of renewable energy such as with solar or wind. Operators of biomass systems will have to order and/ or deliver fuel, remove ash, and maintain all the moving parts. While this seems like it may be a lot of maintenance it actuality requires no more than a few minutes a day plus a few hours per year for an annual inspection and cleaning.

Based in the North East, Heating Design Solutions (HDS) work with clients across the UK, providing our exceptional heating design services to both residential and commercial customers. We take pride in our fantastic reputation for a prompt, reliable, highly quality & highly professional service.

Our entirely bespoke designs services consistently meet the needs of our clients with all the relevant legal and quality objectives being achieved. We aim to optimise efficiency, but also to reduce waste on every project we manage.

Our standard start to finish design times are 10 working days, however we can agree shorter timescales depending on demand and our current workload.

We approach every project with excitement and enthusiasm, and are always seeking for new ways to educate ourselves about new technology, innovative materials, exciting tools, all to complement the services that we offer.

When you contact HDS, you will see that we are an enthusiastic and experienced professional business that provides an exceptional level of services to all its clients.

All designs are carried out either on our own C.A.D. system or in AutoCAD format and Revit models can also be incorporated.. Designs can be e-mailed or bound in to a presentation folder and tailored to suit the needs of our clients.

Fast Service

Design turnaround times are within 10 working days, however shorter design requests can be accommodated depending on workloads.


We can produce designs using our own CAD software, Autocad , 3D and Revit models can also be incorporated.


We offer professional indemnity insurance cover of up to 5 million. Collateral warranties can also be provided upon request.


With over 20 years experience, we have a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure that we consistently deliver a quality service